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Fujitsu Heat Pump 8.0kw ASTG24KMTC

Fujitsu Heat Pump 8.0kw ASTG24KMTC

For rooms up to 70m2


The Fujitsu heat pump ASTG24KMTC is designed to be less obtrusive and integrate seamlessly with the room's interior. Fujitsu's new KMTC range are 30mm slimmer than previous Fujitsu units, and more efficient on heating and cooling.

The matte finish and smooth edges create a modern aesthetic to suit Auckland homes.



  • Tech Specs

    Heat: 8.0kw, COP 3.77

    Cool: 7.2kw, EER 3.38

    Size: 980mm x 280mm x 240mm

    Refrigerant: R32


    Optional WIFI module available for $199. This simply plugs in via USB and is hidden under the front panel of the indoor unit.​


    Star rating: 4. Heat, 2.5 Cool

    Indoor Sound: From 29dbA

    Outdoor Sound: 52dbA

    Outdoor unit size: 716mm x 820 x 315​Indoor:



    Outdoor: AOTG24KMTC

  • Installation

    We offer installation services within the greater Auckland area.

    What to know more about our heat pump installation?  click here

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  • Outside of Auckland?

    We can arrange delivery if you are outside of Auckland.  However you must have this unit installed by a Fujitsu accredited local installer.  Fujitsu NZ  terms and conditions state your warranty is not applicable otherwise.