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Having the correct remote settings is crucial to the operation of your heat pump.

For winter we recommend heat mode, auto fan speed, swing louvres, 22 degrees.

For summer we recommend cool mode, auto fan speed, 20 degrees, swing louvres

If the fan isn't to auto, or the louvres are set in fixed position the heat pump can't operate within in full range, which will affect the temperature.  

Economy and low noise may will also restrict the heating or cooling output.

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To get the maximum efficiency, performance and lifespan from your heat pump, regular maintenance is essential.

Check the filters on your heat pump every 2-3 months, and if you see dust use the vacuum cleaner, sink or hose to clean them.  Keep the outdoor unit clear of weeds, and brush.

And most importantly, have your heat pump serviced every year.

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We recommend you have your heat pump serviced every year.  This involves stripping the indoor unit and a chemical clean and disinfect of the case and coil.
We clean the case and coil of the outdoor unit......

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We receive many calls about this on cold winter days.

When the temperature is close to zero outside (approx 0 - 7degrees), ice may form on the coil of the outdoor unit.  The heat pump will recognise this and enter a Defrost cycle to melt the ice.  

During this process, the indoor unit will strop producing heat, and make some odd noises for around 15 minutes.  This a is a completely normal process but is is commonly mistaken for a faulty heat pump.

Defrost cycles can be minimised by turning the heat pump on earlier, or leaving it on overnight, so that the room is already at a comfortable temperature before the first defrost cycle is needed.

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Fujitsu heat pumps carry a 6 year warranty, Daikin heat pumps cary a 5 year warranty.

Having your heat pump serviced regularly will keep your heat pump clean, free of weeds, brush, and insect infestations.

Fujitsu or Daikin warranties will not cover faults caused by outside factors, such as  lack or maintenance.

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