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Whats involved in a heat pump Service?

We recommend you have your heat pump serviced every year.  This process takes around 45minutes.

What we do:

  • Clean & disinfect the indoor unit to prevent bacteria and mould on the coil and throughout  the unit

  • Clean the indoor unit’s filters, louvers and outer covers

  • Check the condensation drain, and flush with disinfectant 

  • Run the unit in both heating and cooling mode to check temperatures

  • Check the outdoor unit base and ensure the unit is level and secure

  • Check for obstructions in and around the unit, coil, drain and electronics to improve efficiency and performance

  • Check flare joints and fittings

  • Tighten valve caps, check electrical connections

  • Check and clear coil

  • Clean the outside of the casing

  • Inspect for presence in case of damage to the electronics

heat pump servicing auckland .jpeg
Heat Pump Servicing: Projects

How to Clean your heat pumps

Well.. its not our video, but have a quick watch if your not sure how to clean your heat pump.  If your running it daily, you should be doing this every 6-8 weeks

Heat Pump Servicing: Video
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